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What is Google Display Network (GDN)?

Google display network (GDN)  includes YouTube, Gmail and many more. With thousands of internet users visiting these websites daily, Google Display Network (GDN) allows you to place your advertisement in these websites for maximum exposure of your business.

GDN also includes banner advertising. It is a form of advertising that involves embedding a banner ad into a web page. Display ads are image-based advertising. It is an influential tool in attracting a specified audience as well as promoting your products and services while creating brand awareness.


Why GDN?

Brand Awareness

Developing an effective display advertising campaign successfully increases products and services awareness. Maintaining high brand awareness will attract more sales and prospective customers.

High Quality Traffic

The key to conversions is capturing the attention of your visitors. Identifying a specific audience can help you achieve positive ROI and reach potential consumers at a relatively low cost.

ROI Focused Approach

Designing a banner advertising campaign that is focused on ROI can be an effective approach to determine which ads are selling and which ads are being ignored.

Product Awareness

Provide relevant information to your target audience about your products and services which will play a significant role in their purchase decision process. This is an opportunity for you to highlight the products that you offer.

Maximise Impression

Even if it seems that your audience is not paying attention, your customers are still exposed to your display ads. Repeated exposure leaves an impression on your consumers and prospective customers by becoming familiar with your brand and your product.


The Blue Mouse Advantage

Display Ad Design

Our banner ad design professionals create ads that reinforce your brand and message effectively. We find creative ways for your business to stand out through a personalized and actionable display advertisement.

Extensive Market Analysis

There are many strategies in accomplishing your goals and objectives through banner ads, but without proper knowledge of market behaviour, your efforts will be fruitless. Our task is to provide you with tangible data on your targeted audience that enables you to evaluate the effectiveness of your marketing efforts while also developing tactics that can improve your bottom line.

Proper Branding

For you to attract prospective customers with your banner ad, your brand must be relevant to the products and services you offer. Our display advertising experts will help you build a personalized and efficient banner ad campaign that conveys your company’s relevance to your audience.

Optimized to Maximize Results

Our banner advertising specialists create multiple designs and track the response metrics of your specific audience to determine which banner performs best and contributes to your sales.

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